What is a quick win and how can they help your customers?

The concept of a “Quick WIn” is easy for anyone to comprehend and it is not surprising that customers love to an immediate improvement in their business. Taking on a new customer usually involves some kind of initial “trial period”. This is where the business gets to test the product or service, to see if it fits their needs before engaging in a longer or more substantial contract.

Whether you are operating an SaaS, Digital Marketing Agency or Consultancy, showing an immediate benefit to your product or service is going to start the relationship on the right foot.

Of course “quick” is a subjective term. For a startup, “quick” could be measure in weeks and a more established company “quick” could be measured in months. The “wins” also need to be defined and measured from the customer’s perspective, not the vendors.

If you are selling a product or service, you clearly want to be able to show that you can deliver results. In the selling phase you should identify the types of problems the business is facing and how your product or service can solve this problem. Getting any kind of quick win for the customer will help to build trust and provide further justification for using your product or service.

One aspect of a product trial customers will want to test is customer service. They may understand that it takes time for the product or service to see results, but companies will want to know if they do run into problems, that they can receive timely and efficient support.

While we may think quick wins are only used in the initial selling phase, they can also be used at other times, for example if a customer has experienced a problem or complaint with your product or service. Customers might not be aware of new services or features in your product which they could be better utilizing to help their business.

Doing occasional health checks is a good way to show that you care about the customer and can help to avoid losing out to a competitor.