21 User Activation Hacks You Need To Know

Some people think that acquisition is the most important part of the funnel, but the truth is that getting visitors on your website is just the first step – you need to focus on later stages of the funnel just as much as the first one. Activation is the process of turning your visitors into … Read more

21 User Retention Tactics you Need to Know

Once you’ve got users on your site and engaged, the next thing to worry about is user retention. ‘User retention’ refers to the proportion of customers who come back to your site and use your product on a regular basis. The main driver of good retention is good product/market fit but having an awesome product … Read more

ASO – 11 Ways to Increase Your App Downloads

If you have an entrepreneurial mind (and if you’re reading this, the chances are that you do) you are probably able to see real-life problems that no one has solved yet. In a lot of cases, a solution can be provided in form of a mobile app – like these:“I always forget what I have … Read more