Affiliate Marketing – Why You Should Partner Up

In the growth phase of a company marketers use the most commonly known marketing channels like social media, search engine optimisation, content marketing etc but as the company starts to hit the product market fit the problem of growth becomes a little more complicated and marketers look for more lucrative channels for rapid growth. Affiliate … Read more

Growth Hacking – the Next Generation Startup Marketing

Everything you thought you knew about overnight success is wrong. Success is the tip of an iceberg. It might happen overnight, but not before concerted effort, tests, analysis, metrics, tools and techniques. What if I told you that launching a successful business is a science that can be learnt, and that there are ways to … Read more

The Alternative to a Growth Hacker

Starting a new venture is undoubtedly a challenging task. An entrepreneur needs courage, dedication and patience to face the daily challenges while persisting in the dream of making a product that meets a need in the market. However, making that product is not the end. The old adage: ‘If you build it, they will come,’ … Read more

Is Growth Hacking Another Buzzword?

The latest article by Dan Kaplan on engines of growth, has reignited the debate about growth hacking. The same questions and arguments crop up again and again, each time we start discussing sense of growth hacking, or rather it’s name. Is it any different than online marketing? Is it something new that wasn’t done before? … Read more